FREE EE Sim for Improved Communication at Jalsa


There will be a temporary Mobile phone masts which will provide communication where mobile communication is not available due to distance or availability of straight line of sight. This mast will also increase the strength of signal transmission and coverage.

In order to benefit from this service, you need to purchase an EE SIM. Please see the below instructions on how to do this.

EE SIM Activation and Top up instructions.

  1. Collect your SIM from Baitul Futuh, London Mosque Bookstall or Reception area. SIM cards will also be available at Hadiqatul Mehdi during Jalsa.
  2. Check if your Mobile is unlocked for all Carriers. If not, your current service provider can unlock your current handset free of charge.
  3. Insert the new SIM in your current or new mobile handset and activate the SIM.
  4. Please top up your new Pay as you go SIM with £10.

HOW to top up the SIM

  1. Customer can dial 150 and follow the instruction to set up payment with their bank card OR use a voucher from any nearest independent retail store or EE store.
  2. EE has offered free 10GB data boost for all members of Ahmadiyya Muslim community using the SIM provided by Jalsa Communication team ONLY.

Please ensure the SIM card is not swapped to a SIM card from any third party (i.e. store) as the free data boost code will not work on that SIM.

HOW to upload free data boost voucher code (core02)

  1. To get the data boost, once the SIM card is topped up, the customer needs to make a chargeable event i.e. dial a number or send a text message to another mobile other than EE to enable the £10 top up.
  2. The next step is to send a text message core02 to 150 to get 10GB data boost.
  3. The customer will receive a message confirming the 10GB data activated on their SIM


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